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Leah's Journey Home




Witnessing a violent shipwreck during a savage storm on North Carolina's Outer Banks in 1899, 20-year old Leah, unmarried and pregnant, kneels in the sand and prays that her destiny will not be like the ship's: that she and her baby will survive in a world which has no tolerance for unmarried mothers. Leah's faith, which she learned from a beloved aunt, will sustain her through many coming storms.
This uplifting, suspenseful, coastal Carolina tale of young Leah's dramatic journey from dispair to joy is richly told, evoking authentic town and rural life on the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp and in Elizabeth City around 1900. A remarkable story of feminine awakening to love and to back country advocacy for schools, birth control, and mentoring. Leah will capture your heart." --Mary Kratt, author of "New South Women" and "Valley."


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Alix Cover




On the planet Lumin, everyone is born with wings, but the people have forgotten how to fly. Now they use flying machines to get where they need to go, and the elite people have their wings surgically removed. No one even attempts to fly. But Alixandra yearns to use her wings to soar through the air. If she is to achieve her goal, she must learn how to trust and how to believe.


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"Still one of my favorite stories! I LOVED listening to the audio book."
Alyssa Marie Roy

"We got the audio tape right before traveling for Thanksgiving and had no tape player in my old wagon. So we took a portable player and those in the front seat got to listen to one side of a tape and then had to pass it over for the back seat folk to have their listen. No one was willing to be patient for longer than one tape side and we did this for the whole trip until the book was done. Twas delicious!"
Currie Leggo, Tallahassee


Free at Last




Addicts-- whether they are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, the Internet or sex-- are not in control of their lives. We all have a unique talent, a unique purpose in this life. But the addict's purpose in life becomes perverted by addiction. It may be that the addiction is part of her spiritual journey but if that is the case, then its purpose is to lead her to a more healthy life and the sooner, the better.

Kicking an addiction is simple, but it's not easy. In fact, it may seem downright impossible, but it isn't. If it were, there would not be so many of who have done it. The people I have known who have successfully moved from addictive lives to lives of fulfillment and purpose have also used one or more of these tools.


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